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Ydrissil This interpretation comes about because drasill means "horse" and Handy Spiele FГјr Zwei r is one of Odin's many names. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. But what about the Nine Worlds themselves?

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When the tree trembles, it signals the arrival of Ragnarok , the destruction of the universe. The tree was his gallows and bore his limp body, which the Norse poetic imagination described metaphorically as a horse and a rider.

The gods hold their daily council at the tree. Around its base lurk the dragon Nidhogg and several snakes, who gnaw at its roots. Amusing though some of these animals and their activities may be, they hold a deeper significance: the image of the tree being nibbled away little by little by several beasts expresses its mortality, and along with it, the mortality of the cosmos that depends on it.

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Check out our player-facing fan site, Yggdrasil Casino. Davidson says that the notion of an eagle atop a tree and the world serpent coiled around the roots of the tree has parallels in other cosmologies from Asia.

She goes on to say that Norse cosmology may have been influenced by these Asiatic cosmologies from a northern location. Davidson adds, on the other hand, that it is attested that the Germanic peoples worshiped their deities in open forest clearings and that a sky god was particularly connected with the oak tree, and therefore "a central tree was a natural symbol for them also".

Carolyne Larrington notes that it is nowhere expressly stated what will happen to Yggdrasil during the events of Ragnarök. Simek additionally points out legendary parallels in a Bavarian legend of a shepherd who lives inside a tree, whose descendants repopulate the land after life there has been wiped out by plague citing a retelling by F.

Continuing as late as the 19th century, warden trees were venerated in areas of Germany and Scandinavia, considered to be guardians and bringers of luck, and offerings were sometimes made to them.

A massive birch tree standing atop a burial mound and located beside a farm in western Norway is recorded as having had ale poured over its roots during festivals.

The tree was felled in Davidson comments that "the position of the tree in the centre as a source of luck and protection for gods and men is confirmed" by these rituals to Warden Trees.

Davidson notes that the gods are described as meeting beneath Yggdrasil to hold their things , and the related Irminsul , which may have been a pillar, was also symbolic of the center of the world.

Davidson details that it would be difficult to ascertain whether a tree or pillar came first, and that this likely depends on if the holy location was in a thickly wooded area or not.

Davidson comments that while it is uncertain that Adam's informant actually witnessed that tree is unknown, but that the existence of sacred trees in pre-Christian Germanic Europe is further evidenced by records of their destruction by early Christian missionaries, such as Thor's Oak by Saint Boniface.

Ken Dowden comments that behind Irminsul, Thor's Oak in Geismar, and the sacred tree at Uppsala "looms a mythic prototype, an Yggdrasil, the world-ash of the Norsemen".

Modern works of art depicting Yggdrasil include Die Nornen painting, by K. Marklund in Stockholm , Sweden. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Immense mythical tree in Norse cosmology, connecting the Nine Worlds.

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Take a look at the About page for a detailed overview. The project is currently in early stages but it is being actively developed.

We have recently released version 0. A small number of users have been using and stress-testing Yggdrasil quite heavily for a number of purposes, including but not limited to secure remote access SSH and VNC , access to Matrix, Jabber and IRC servers and even some video streams, large file transfers and performance tests.

#ydrissil. Aufrufe. Netzwerkfehler. Keine Internetverbindung. Stelle eine Verbindung zum Internet her und versuche es erneut.


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